wtf is the heroine's journey thru the zodiac?


the earth.the sun.the sky.the moon.the stars strewn across the length of night. They are all made of you.



~ William C. Hannan

herstory_collective takes you, the heroine on a journey alongside the planets as they travel the zodiac each month.

Each lunar cycle we are gifted with the opportunity to connect physically, emotionally, spiritually, celestially with a part of our body +psyche that corresponds with the correlating archetype. We know where attention goes, energy flows. The power of collective intention breeds wholeness+change. This portal is an online tool to align your inner world with the earth+the cosmos, utilising story+ritual so that you feel at home in your body+on the planet. How you were born to feel.

Like you, I was born lost.

By lost I mean separated from the feminine; our deepest, most intuitive, wild nature as woman. I created the Heroine's Journey thru the Zodiac, as a sacred place for women to reclaim the divine feminine archetypes of our DNA in the process. A curious quest for transformation. A singing up +return of the lost parts of ourselves. A revolution. 

The Heroine's Journey thru the Zodiac is a mash-up of the storytelling map of the heroine's journey (created by Jungian psychoanalyst Maureen Murdock) and the annual zodiac wheel, AKA a way to re-write your personal narrative by recruiting the support of the moon+stars+planets to do all the hard shit. You just need to turn up. Surrender to cosmic alignment. Feel the support of the mother under your feet+grandmother moon above you.

But wait, hold your horses. This ain't no love+light mission. We'll meet parts of ourselves that are hard to swallow, that are wild and messy, that are pissed off you took so long, that are resistant to being seen as they have been ignored, shadow parts that we have been projecting onto others. BUT... we will slay them+make out with them even, together. We'll make art from this imperfect mess. We will be one another's ally. Practicing vulnerabililty with an authentic community.

Everything in life has a shadow+light trait. Including you, including your mum, the planets+including Mother Earth. By digging up our shadow as well as embracing the light, we build a bridge between trauma/old story +the new story of empowerment. Bring all that shit on I say. Why? Radical self-acceptance. Deep intimacy with pussy, life, lovers, children+our work. What's not to love?

“The wound is the place where the light enters you.” ~ Rumi


What happens when we are our own greatest lover+have a harmonious inner marriage/sacred union? (libra) We attract marriageable peeps in our outta life. What happens when we own our storyteller (gemini)? We leave old story behind+ shine a light on our shame+rewrite our narrative to one of limitless empowerment. What happens when we own our inner witch (scorpio)? We live a life magical AF.

As above, so below.

The finale scene? A wild romance between your sacred masculine+ divine feminine, transcendence of separation from the feminine, to oneness with divinity. True legit love. Heart-based leadership. belonging, through restoration of the planet. Reclamation of herstory.

Every woman who heals herself, helps heal all women who came before her, and all those who come after her.” ~ Christiane Northrup


It is my wish that all women know their worth. Reconnecting with the natural cycles, both ours+those of the earth is THA WAY +breeds deep healing and transformation+empowerment not only for ourselves, but the planet+our ancestors; in fact as one of my mentors, Yuin man Uncle Max Harrison used to say to me, "one cannot heal without the other, women and the earth are one."

As within, so without.

Using your unique astrological blueprint as your heroine's map you will take a pilgrimage of self-discovery, deep under your skin, following the path with guidance+support from the cosmos+from me, someone who has been there at the coal face herself+is hitching along beside you.

With an eclectic menage of astrology, mythology, movement (dance), storytelling, ritual, magic, new moon manifestation, prayers, poetry+astrobotany, we will connect with the archetype of the astrological month for 30 days of practice, creating star-aligned stories for those who wish to live a mythical, magical life.

We are at what Charles Einstein calls the in-between stage. It feels weird. We are busting outta old paradigm, moving into the next one, with no idea what that new story looks like, leaving behind hierarchy, disempowerment, lack of transparency+power struggles. But this heroine's journey, unlike the hero's is not completed alone. This is precisely when we need to recharge, recieve+practice sovereignty the most,  so that the river can flow again. This is a movement of conscious women cheering you on, a way to marry ancient wisdom with modern heroines, to sing up+nurture feminine heart-based leadership, breaking down the patriarchy, one kilometre at a time.

Join us if you:

  • Are tired of fighting the patriarchy (or not, ha)

  • Feel a deep seated unexplainable homesickness or emptiness

  • Want to live from your heart but havin' trouble getting to it

  • Want a deeper intimacy with life+your relationships

  • Have tried every therapy under the sun and still feel unhappy, lost, disempowered, or overwhelmed

  • Worry for your children's future due to the destruction facing the planet

  • Seek deeper connection with yourself, children, partners, community+the natural world

  • Feel trapped by story+want to write a new one

  • Feel a responsibility to help support the earth but don't know where to start

  • Are aware that your family isn't thriving within the current patriarchal paradigm of living but are unsure how to change it

  • Feel empowered+whole+would like to continue to nurture your self-love and awareness

  • Have an unsatiable thirst to reclaim your pussy+pleasure+power

  • Want a safe space to unleash your wild, burning woman

  • desire to be witnessed by authentic, supportive sisterhood (not the hashtag)

How it all works:


Join for an entire year (12 archetypes) OR one lunar cycle adventure (one month/archetype) or three lunar cycles (three months/archetypes). All are available HERE in the apothecary.

Within 24 hours of the sun changing sign, signalling the commencement of a new lunar cycle archetype, you will be able to log into this portal for the next lesson of video content+creative embodiment practices. If you purchased before this time an email will be sent with login deets, if you purchase after, login deets are at checkout.

We'll have a live moon circle gathering each new moon (intention setting) +full moon (illuminating) via zoom, as well as an optional online membership group for support, sharing, guidance and to practice reading each other's charts.

It is technical information (astrology school) that is heavy on embodiment; a deadly combo of witchy ritual, neuroscience, psychotherapy, creativity, sensuality+ spirituality. Technical informative astrological info delivered practically.

What's Included:

The course is 100% online, so you can access it from anywhere in the world. (one of my fave parts of this journey is sharing with women from all over THE GLOBE, coming together+sharing their intentions, it's powerful) You can move through the course at your own pace, and the materials are yours forever.

- Introductory Videos to give you an overview of sacred feminine astrology, the archetypes, the basics of astrology and the heroine's journey.

- Zodiac sign profile including: element (earth, air, fire or water), quadruplicity (cardinal, mutable, fixed) house the sign rules, shadow and light traits

- Sacred feminine archetype profile and associated mythology

- dance rituals to embody each energy through movement

- Daily prayer/intention/mantra to connect with the ruled body part

- Nutritional, naturopathic and herbal support advice for that month's ruled body part

- meditation to connect with the archetype

- LIVE new moon+full moon magic circle

- Journal +writing prompts for deep reflection and developing your personal relationship with each energy

- Playlist to get down with that specific archetype

- Poetry+other juicy creative goodness

    Who is herstory_collective for?

    • Beginner AND advanced astrologers

    • Writers

    • Witches+Mystics

    • Therapists

    • Any woman who desires to open her body+ mind to the magic of Mother Nature as the root of their own nature+tap into feminine consciousness or instinctual intelligence, to experience both individual empowerment as well as collective evolution, transforming the forgotten woman into a powerful change maker for future generations.

    Reality is, we all take a heroine's journey this life. The question is do you want to do it on your own, or grab the olive branch and capatalise on manifestational magic+support of the cosmos around you? And most of us tap into what is happening without knowing, I am always amazed at my clients who will have a dramatic change in appearance during 1 st house transits or lose a lot of money in 2nd house transits. It is not predictive so much as tapping into our ultimate power, using the planets so they do not use us.

    The Heroine's Journey thru the Zodiac is ultimately a journey of self-discovery. A chance to be the narrator in your story. Setting herstory right for yourself +the entire world. Kinda like witchy psychotherapy cross singing ourselves home, bone by bone. 

    what are archetypes?

    These archetypes are primordial stories in the form of a seed in consciousness. That seed is a mythical journey that starts to sprout in patterning events in your life, an unfolding of the mythical story. ~ Deepak Chopra


    The archetype, as a psychic entity, is surrounded by energy which has the ability to activate and transform conscious contents. When the archetype is constellated...the release of that specific energy is recognised by consciousness and felt in the body through the emotions. Thus...the archetype of the goddess of love (venus) is constellated, we are imbued with the vitality of ove, beauty's sexual passion and spiritual renewal. ~ Carl Jung


    These universal, archaic patterns and images described are by Jung as being derived from the collective unconscious and are the psychic counterpart of instinct, which is distinct  from the personal unconscious, and arises from the experience of the individual. The Heroine's Journey Thru the Zodiac is a pilgrimage to individuation.

    There is a cosmic pattern of the universe playing out in each moment that interconnects us as humans to this story of creation+the earth+sky  that all ancient indigenous cultures were aware of. i like to think of the archetypes as songlines of the soul, gifting us a chance each lunar cycle month to sing back these lost parts of our psyche, not only as human preservation much in the same name of spiritual ecology, but for the evolution of humanity.  The 12 archetypes we work with when travelling the Heroine's Journey thru the Zodiac are:

    • Warrior (March 21-April 19) Aries
    • Sensualist (April 20-May 20) Taurus
    • Storyteller (May 21-June 20) Gemini
    • Mother (June 21-July 22) Cancer
    • Queen (July 23-Aug 22) Leo
    • Holy Whore (Aug 23-Sep 22) Virgo
    • Lover (Sep 23-Oct 22) Libra
    • Sorceress (Oct 23-Nov 21) Scorpio
    • Pilgrim (Nov 22-Dec 21) Sagittarius
    • Wise Woman (Dec 22-Jan 19) Capricorn 
    • Sacred Rebel (Jan 20-Feb 18) Aquarius 
    • Natural Mystic (Feb 19-March 20) Pisces


    what's the diff. between the hero + the heroine’s journey?

    Without the vital feminine to balance the collective patriarchal principle, there is a certain barrenness to life. ~ Carl Jung

    The story goes that Joseph Campbell who coined the Hero's Journey, which has since been used as a template for the psycho-spiritual development of the individual in fairytales, films+most written stories in  A Hero With a Thousand Faces said, “Women don’t need to make the journey. In the whole mythological tradition the woman is there. All she has to do is to realize that she’s the place that people are trying to get to.” In response to this, Jungian therapist+author  Maureen Murdock created the heroine's journey which describes the cyclical trip of the feminine experience.

    Taken from Maureen Murdock's  The Heroine's Journey:Woman's Quest for Wholeness + all graffiti my own.

    Taken from Maureen Murdock's The Heroine's Journey:Woman's Quest for Wholeness +all graffiti my own.

    Basically a hero conquers and comes back to claim his victory, where the heroine's journey is one that goes within

     +is based on feminine principles such as interconnection+spirituality. This has nothing to do with if you are an actual man or woman, it is the story arc that is followed, as we each have an inner man and woman.(and no, a female protagonist following a hero's journey arc is NOT a heroine's journey).

    The heroine's joinery does not HAVE TO begin with the crazy exciting incident with fireworks+high drama that the hero's journey needs. She might feel a sense of betrayal, or a slight yearning for something she doesn't know what, or boredom. Maybe she feels the underlying sense that having faced life+death in childbirth +returned home to a sink full of dirty dishes that there is so much fucking more to life.

    We are at an exciting time in history where this narrative is changing. 

    i am sooooo passionate about telling more stories that follow the heroine's way. Both on the screen+in the publishing world. The planet needs more feminine heart-based, earth-aligned story. We begin the first chapter here, on this Heroine's Journey thru the Zodiac, in our journals 

    reclaiming herstory. together.

    Depth psychologist Anne Davin, PhD, who directs the Whole Health Medicine Institute makes the following differentiations, "Although the hero in Joseph Campbell’s model goes into the Innermost Cave alone, ever the rugged individualist, the heroine is interdependent on others for her survival. The hero views humans and the Divine as separate. For the heroine, there is no separation between spirit and matter. All are One. The hero is self-sacrificing; the heroine receives from others. The hero survives against all odds; the heroine’s ego dies to the perfection of whatever is happening, coming into agreement with what is, rather than forcing her will. The hero dominates; the heroine surrenders. The hero competes; the heroine collaborates. The hero revels in his victory, filled with pride; the heroine wears her humility as a jeweled crown. The hero never questions his value or direction; the heroine lives her life as an open question. The hero fights death, living in perpetual fight or flight; the heroine dies willingly into the still point of Beingness. The hero asks, “What can I get for myself?” The heroine asks, “How can I serve the dream?”


    for most of history, anonymous was a woman

    Virginia Woolf

    wtf so wholistic?

    Can't we just write affirmations every now+then on our mirrors+hope for the best?! The heroines on this journey are committed+ coming at our psyche from all angles. Grounding our intentions into the earth, supporting physical, mental, emotional, collective, spiritual+cosmic wellbeing for the whole lunar cycle. Which sounds a lot harder than it looks, as we are literally allowing the stars to align. Allowing ourselves to receive, the most feminine act we can make, also the damn hardest.

    Jung said, "All the mythologized processes of nature, such as summer and winter, the phases of the moon, the rainy seasons, and so forth, are in no sense allegories of these objective occurrences; rather they are symbolic expressions of the inner, unconscious drama of the psyche which becomes accessible to."

    Here are some tools to begin our journey: 


    No one's lost who finds the moon or the sweetness of the wattle's bloom. ~ Kev Carmody


    We know that all ancient cultures ran their entire lives by the moon+planetary cycles. The planet seemed to prosper. Then patriarchy came in +fucked it up,   which is why any activity that aligns+reclaims natural cycles, allows us to connect with our natural power+truthful essence once again, is radical+revolutionary+i would argue, evolutionary. It is my hope that if women align with Mother Earth, she will prosper once again.

    As ruler of our menstrual cycle+the tides of the sea, the moon calendar tells us much about which magic to practice+when. You've heard about the 40 day habit right? This is the lunar cycle habit. Our current calendar is roughly a 30 day orbit through each zodiac sign beginning in Aries at March equinox, the idea is to begin the practices when the sun changes sign, until it moves into the next sign. 

    Roughly two weeks later we meet online on the full moon, when grandmother moon is illuminating our shadows/blocks to our new moon intentions from last cycle. On the dark moon, we release+let go of what no longer server us.We meet again online for a sister circle on the new moon where we utilise the seed energy of new beginnings+fresh starts to write our intentions for the next lunar cycle. This is an ancient practice+very powerful, especially when performed with a collective. When we add the sign of the  moon into our magic, shit gets even realer.


    Myth is a wild way of telling the truth...that's what stories are, little pinpricks of eternity,myth is alive.
    - Dr Martin Shaw

    The story doesn't begin with grown women being massacred in the workplace or in the press. It begins with innocent little girls who become convinced, for whatever reason, that the girl within them isn't good enough.” - Marianne Williamson

    There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you. - Maya Angelou

    Perhaps some day i'll crawl back home, beaten, defeated. But not as long as i can make stories out of my heartbreak, beauty out of sorrow. - Sylvia Plath

    "Storytelling is at the heart of life... In finding our own story, we assemble all the parts of ourselves. Whatever kind of mess we have made of it, we can somehow see the totality of who we are and recognize how our blunderings are related. We can own what we did and value who we are, not because of the outcome but because of the soul story that propelled us." - Marion Woodman


    When we deny our stories, they define us.
    When we own our stories, we get to write a brave new ending. 

    ~ Brene Brown


    We are all made up of story. 

    We are born from story (hopefully a damn fine romantic tale). It is story we will return to+story we leave behind when we die. How juicy or dry the paperback of your trip is, depends on well, you. Lemme explain. In the old days, the time of our ancestors, it was the storytellers that were the medicine shamans, the ones who, once they got real quiet could hear the earth speak. These crones dished out the herbal and astrological cosmic advice, AND relayed the earth's keep their people healthy+promote healing.

    Story not only promotes a life of delicious enchantment, it slays shame+breeds connection with one another, our ancestors+the earth we live upon. Story gives us belonging.The more we align with our own natural cycles+rhythms, the more we relax into our own story - the parts we like+the parts we don't. By embracing the shadow parts of ourselves, we breed wholeness, and by calling back lost archetypes/characters of our psyche that patriarchy has stolen, we can sing up a new narrative of empowerment. Together. Raising collective healing+consciousness.

    Empowered peeps make for empowered communities...and an empowered earth.

    The Heroine's Journey thru the Zodiac is a re-telling of the earth's story. Herstory. An acknowledgment that stories link us to our ancestors, our trauma's portals to the earth's traumas. But..story can also keep us hostage. Using the waxing+waning of the moon each lunar cycle we can release+re-write a new narrative if we have the courage to face what is there.

    Astrology is a genre of storytelling. The planets hold ancient myths of archetypes such as Venus' story of love + how that is placed in our chart will determine the plot twists+turns. We explore these with journal prompts +sharing+ritual.

    As Joseph Campbell said in A Hero With A Thousand Faces, "it has always been the prime function of mythology and rite to supply the symbols that carry the human spirit forward, in counteraction to those other constant human fantasies that tend to tie it back...(myths tell us in symbolic language about) powers of the psyche to be recognised and integrated in our lives, powers that have been common to the human spirit forever, and which represent that wisdom of the species by which man has weathered the ,millenniums."

    It is my hope that by bringing out the heroine in all of as,as individual women, then in small groups that it will shift the paradigm of storytelling back to herstory in the wider world.No more, single white man beats dragons+claims individual victory feeding already very large ego+encouraging capatilist, consumer, power imbalenced society.

    More stories where the inner journey of being vulnerable is encouraged, valued, shared + played out on screen, acknowledgement that when the heroine drops into her heart, her family, the community, and therefore the world planet thrives.

    The masculine story serves one man. The feminine story serves humanity. This is the age of the Aquarius.


    Where the truth of indigenous knowing in all of us is respected, in combination with the sacred masculine qualities of wisdom, technology. Where mothers are valued+the mysteries of the feminine are celebrated as sacred+essential. I am not just talking about female protagonists versus male. I mean bringing the story arc of the feminine journey to the surface. Female-based leadership of heart, connection+in harmony with nature. In respect +reverence of the interconnection of cosmology+our role as humans in it.  




    No matter what your cultural belief, as humans we are bound by spells of habit. Drink your coffee from the same place every day with your eyes shut. Light a candle at dinner with your children. Light palo santo before getting fucking your brains out. Do the same yoga weekly with ya bestie.

    When we put intention into anything, the sacredness begins to emerge. Ritual grounds our intentions. Plants them into the earth+releases them to the magic of the sky. gives us a chance to trust+receive. A form of sacred feminine manifestation.

    Ritual can be a way to connect with the stories of the land+in each moment you are leaving you stories on the land in return.  An act of gratitude for the reciprocal exchange. Sometimes we visit places strong with divine feminine energy in order to feel a shift within, to align. We might walk Mecca, or be initiated in a sacred cave in the south of France alive with Mary Magdalene, as a physical way of incurring transformation. We might do ceremony at heart places such as Uluru where the red dust drips with story, or feel at the depths sensual longing of our sacral chakra pulled at Machu Picchu.

    At times we need to take that pilgrimage within. The Heroine's Journey Thru the Zodiac is one such inner journey. 

    Heroines know that words are also spells. Sounds with intentions. Take the word 'cunt' for example. In ancient india, china, rome+egypt this word was synonymous with women not in the insulting sense of the modern interpretation but as a title of respect for high priestesses+witches.How you feel about your cunt will be how you feel about being  a woman, the earth, the feminine+ language says a lot about a society. One way of reclaiming our power is through our language. Many impoverished communities have had their words stolen from them as an act of pillage. Using our words daily is an act of resistance in itself. I might just have used this word in my very first handwritten story as a five year old, about emus who 'cunt' fly.

    As we learn to care for our cunt+reclaim our language, so too, the earth is cared for. i like to call it, caring for cunt-ry. The Heroine's Journey Thru the Zodiac uses the new moon phase of the lunar cycle to speak our spells of personal intentions.  


    Let your Medicine be something of the nature of the sign ascending  ~ Nicholas Culpeper

    Medical astrology is an ancient medical system that associates various parts of the body, diseases, and drugs as under the influence of the sun, moon+ planets, along with the twelve astrological signs+ until 1666, it was required for physicians to pass astrological exams in order to practice medicine. The planets and elements of the zodiac had roles to play in medical astrology, but the signs of the zodiac were integral to understanding how the human body functioned at the time.

    With each lunar cycle we are invited by the cosmos  to connect with the ruled body systems, which breeds positive body love. So as well as writing epic tales we are nourishing our bodies+ connecting with the natural allies for the season such as plants, teas, homeopathics, supplements+dietary recommendations. The way nature intended.


    It is said by pilgrims that the first question a shaman/medicine woman will ask them when they're not feeling well is, when was the last time you danced? 

    A note on dancing.

    Apart from the obvious (do it like no one is watching!),the point is not to look good but to simply feel. Often we don't know how we feel+sometimes that doesn't matter+actually can help us in that we don't attach a story to an emotion, but one thing is sure that as women - we feel a lot.

    i love meditation. i do. But... it is very masculine. Very disciplined, very sit with your back to a wall+try+quieten down+ tame a wild, illogical beast. i don't know about you, but i'm not here to be tamed. All our feelings want, are a little attention, so that they can move on (to some other wild, illogical format). When we go out of our way to avoid our feelings, duh, they're painful, we can actually get trapped in them+like a little cheeky bird on our shoulder, we end up seeing the world from their not so rosy glasses, which then therefore creates our experiences/reality. When enough emotions become stuck+ ignored, i believe they can start to create illness or mal-health.

    So, to move the E-motion (duh!) so it no longer causes blockages in your body+life we need to let it flow. Many intimacy experts+neuroscientists now prove the many benefits of movement therapy. This video is meant as guidance only, modelled by a trained dancer+ a non-trained dancer, to remind you that it does not matter WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE WHEN YOU DANCE. 

    Benefits include softening, opening into your feminine energy, which not only brings inner balance to probs an overworking toxic masculine patterning, but gets all the gunk outta the way so you can actually ear what your heart is saying, neurologically reprograms old beliefs+thought patterns+helps us to stop projecting our shadow onto our intimate relationships+take responsibility for our emotional wellbeing.

    When we incorporate the various archetypes in our psyche in our dance, whether we feel good about them or not so good, we are removing the blocks to fully embodying these lost parts of ourself, by embodying them. A lot of body talk here, i know.

    When we then include the celestial energies such as the specific archetypal energies circulating on any given day due to the calendar of the sky, we are talking full-on shamanic processing, all in your own lounge room, for absolutely free! You may feel like you've just been doing a few insignificant shakes of your tail feather, oh but the entire cosmos are high-fifing the hell outer your insides!

    So, at the risk of sounding patronising, this simple act of closing your eyes+letting your emotional body move to the sound of music, can have MASSIVE benefits in your life. Do it when you are heartbroken, frustrated, horny, emo, feeling stuck, exhausted, wanting to create+no idea where to start, do it when you should be washing dishes, want to make love or are going through a wave of self-hatred. Trust the wisdom of your body to change your life.


    dancers: suebee_fae + moi



    something magic happens when women gather

    (also, we seriously need one another to rise.)

    image from the all woman project HERE.

    The connections between and among women are the most feared, the most problematic, and the most potentially transforming force on the planet. ~Adrienne Rich


    In addition to the twice monthly LIVE moon circles where there is plenty of time+space to share from the heart+ be witnessed+held accountable for your desires as well as supported in your trials, there is a private online social group with further space to share updates during the lunar chart, ask me questions+practice reading charts, as well as motivating+encouraging your sisters. 

    youR tour guide


    leo sun + cancer moon+          capricorn rising

    woman.cosmic lover. wild mama.lifelong pilgrim. medicinal storyteller.

    Story has always saved me. As a young girl, i would stack my entire collection of Goldenbooks on my bed. Every. Single. Night. I was then trained to tell stories of the planets+stars+ of plant medicines+ worked specifically on stories that gave voice to those who struggle to be heard such as refugees+indigenous people, which I will always do. Now it's my turn to give back to story.

    i think i began studying astrology+natural medicine straight from high school nearly 20 years ago, to work out why i felt so shit all the time. As i tried every therapy under the sun to 'heal' myself, i was also able to conveniently use the astro data to characterize the humans around me into good peeps or bad, essentially wanting to understand why i had received the painful childhood treatment that i had (and now knew who to dodge!).

    As life would have it, i strayed from my path+struggled with a deep mother abandonment wound, sexual abuse, feelings of deep inadequacy, blocked creativity, generational trauma, and unhealthy relationships. I was a master at avoiding these shadowy emotions. I used my career, sex, exciting worldwide travel adventures, even motherhood - everything in the external realm for attempted validation. i still felt like shit.  Everytime I felt bad,I went on pilgrimmage, moved house, looked externally. This gave me temporary relief+i'm sure another layer of the onion was peeled back, but i still felt shit.

    My real awakening began with the birth of my children, followed by the divorce of a 14 year marriage, death of my father+deep reclamation of my sexuality. Pluto the dark goddess was transiting my 12th house during this time (+ is sitting on my ascendant as i write this.) i heard the call+ no longer able to run, began a pilgrimage within that eventually led me to my pussy, the hot seat of my divine feminine connection. This in turn led me back to what i had always known as a kid, that the earth is my true mother, along with grandmother moon+that their medicines are always there to support me+nurture the soul - true allies in shadow work+transformation. (one epic bonus in not having an awesome real life mother), that i am connected to Her no matter where i am located.

    Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, i strolled out of the dark cave i had been living in. By having the courage to face my story i have been able to re-write the narrative. I never imagined i could have such pleasure, love, joy+ orgasmic empowerment in my life. Seriously. The last year i have personally road-tripped around the zodiac, connecting with my own body+soul thru the myths, stories+magic of the heroine's journey that we all take as women+i cannot wait to share the path with you, if you're just a little willing to dust off your wanderlust boots+chuck that hitchhiking finger of yours into the wind. You won't regret it.

    i've been so fortunate - no fuck that, i have sought out the greatest of teachers a student could ever have+listened. i've immersed myself in secret women's business from real deal medicine women+storytellers from the dusty red desert of APY Central Australia to the backstreets of rural Mazatec Mexico. i am not here to teach their stories. i am here to acknowledge that they have all brought me a little closer to home with myself+my mission as the prayer Wiradjurri woman wrote in her book for me as i embarked on a pilgrimage to Uluru, to ensure that each woman know her worth. My version of this kinda looks like:

    Jungian bush therapy. star-aligned psychotherapy. tantric astrology. cosmic storytelling. Aussie-curandera-ing.

    As well as working with hundreds of clients in my private practice in byron bay+ workshops Australia-wide, i am a published author+writer.I have contributed to many books+am currently writing my own, as well as being an emerging screenwriter. i write about sexuality, feminism, motherhood, belonging, psychology+the planet, the beauty+complexities of human potential. You can se my full bio on my website:

    don't take my word for it, these women love it too


    After working with Carly 1:1 I knew I had to sign up for her new course. Not only because what she puts out there is high quality, authentic and very real but because of who she is and how she can gather women from all over the world and make an online gathering feel intimate and honest. The 22nd of every month is highlighted in my calendar as I get a new month of wisdom and insight from her, practices for self-care and self-reflection, a playlist, book lists, herbs, what is going on in my chart and so much more. The way she has weaved astrology in with the heroine's journey, the radical ways I am encouraged to look at myself each month and the twice-monthly group calls keep me grounded, inspired and excited. I am beyond grateful for the work she has put out there into this world and blessed that I have someone like her to inspire me and my dreams. - Kelsi, Norway

    There are times in our lives when we meet sacred healers at the passageway to our next evolution or stage of consciousness. Forever grateful are we to those who have the courage to be our fearless leaders to stand awakened and full of wisdom to help us through and usher us in to who we are in our full glory. To find someone like this is a gift and I am full of admiration and gratitude for Carly Lorente and her work to be that woman for me. - Heidi, Aman

    My essential oil biz has absolutely bloody rocked the house down this month - because I FOUND MY VOICE!!!! During the last new moon, I made intentions to find my voice. Find my voice so I can communicate my message + I’ve found it this month. It’s been huge. Like HOLY SHIT sister. I found my voice to speak up to my mum + dad. I found my voice to communicate from my heart + mind in my business to inspire + open others.

    With the month of the Sensualist, through the pleasure practise, Carly prescribed, I just let her rip! I let her feel pleasure without guilt. Without feeling suppressed.  I have been held back for SO long. Repressed. I let her feel what ever she wanted and didn't hold back. It was a party. Thank you for everything,  I didn't realise I was signing up to a self development program. - Aroha, Sydney

    Coming into the Heroines Journey, I was a woman walking through the fire and from my past experiences with Carly I felt like this journey would be a beautiful spiritual anchor for the transformation I have been going through. It has been so much more than what I expected. I have never felt myself drop into a state of embodiment so quickly, and to stay here for so long. To actually feel the signs of the zodiac and how they are so different from each other has been so potent. And the monthly exercises have been amazing at supporting me through this feeling. The online moon calls have also been extremely potent, with the magic of sisterhood and the moon pouring out of the screen and into my body. I have always been interested in astrology, but I have never been this excited about how all of the signs apply to my life, not just my sun sign. I already feel like a different person since signing up in Aries season, I can’t wait to see what happens in the months to come. Nic, Byron Bay

    The Heroines journey has been an incredible way to learn and embody each unique archetype of the zodiac. i came to the work as an exhausted single mother at a crossroads in my identity, and was initially interested as a fun idea to know my chart a little better, but as we move through the planetary cycles for the month, the learnings become richer and deeper, and it is incredible how each cycle filters into the next. Now in the fifth month, I can feel the wholeness and roundedness of the work, which is an initiation into parts of my psyche that  i never knew were there, as well as parts that feel so familiar, it's like coming home. i have noticed an increase in confidence, self-love and the ability to surrender into the trust of the universe. Carly teaches in such a real, authentic way. -Jess, Byron Bay.



    When does this class start?

    The start of the astro year begins at March equinox but you can begin at ANY TIME throughout the year, when the sun moves into a new sign (between the 19th-23rd of the month), signalling the commencement of the new archetypal lunar cycle, until the sun changes sign again. (approx 30 days)

    How long does the heroine's journey through the zodiac run for for?

    After it kicks off at equinox, the full annual heroine's journey thru the zodiac finishes at the pisces new moon in March 2019.

    BUT you can join for the whole journey/year and get a lovely discount, or join up for any month you like. There are also Three month/cycle packages, and discounts for returning heroines.

    When is the content available?

    Within 24 hours of the sun moving into it's new astrological sign for the month,. If you have purchased before this time, an email will be sent with login details, otherwise after this time, login is given at checkout. 

    How long will I have access to the content?

    It's yours forever, and 100% online available to access from absolutely anywhere in the world.

    What is the format? What is included?

    In addition to my intro videos+pdf handouts you will receive each new month:

    -meditation to connect with the archetype/energy

    -daily prayer

    -sign profile including mythology, elemental description, light and shadow traits, house rulership

    -medical astrology/astrobotany info of body parts+herbal info.

    -dance video to do at your leisure

    -link to playlist for the month

    -link to Pinterest board to get your visuals juiced up.

    -journal prompts+other activities

    -full moon+new moon live circle (1-1.5 hr each)

    -video with forecast for the month outlining major aspects.

    -list of further reading/film/arts

    -optional access to online community to share/learn/practice

    How much work is involved?

    Everything is optional and totally up to you how seriously/committed you take it. There is research showing 30-40 day challenges have more weight on our neuroplasticity/habits, but you will know what is doable for you or not. Maybe you like the readings but not the dancing, maybe you're only into the live calls. Totes up to you. Homework is optional, and non-punishable!

    Some months, especially of you have planets in that part of your chart may seem more difficult to connect with, or you experience more resistance, will be interesting to note, and everybody will have their own unique experience.

    Can I still enrol after it commences on 21 march 2018?

    Yes, the annual pilgrim price will no longer be available, if you have missed the first month, but there are three month packages also, and the month by month membership.

    Can i take the Heroine's journey Thru the Zodiac more than once?

    Of course! I personally follow the cosmos ALL YEAR ROUND, ALL LIFE ROUND. Each year, i am amazed that just when i feel i cannot go deeper in my self-mastery+expansoin into life, i do. Modern life is full on for the heroine, the cosmos+earth based practices are the medicines that connect me with an older, ancient knowing, whilst supporting the evolution of both myself +my  future ancestors.

    Cosmology is as complex as it is simple. Each year has it's own evolutionary vibe, and no two lunar cycles are the same. Of course Queen themes are always Queen themes each year, but depending on the other transits at the time will determine the flavour of the unfolding+themes of the year/month.

    I love to extend discounts for returning heroines.

    Do I need my exact time of birth?

    Having your birth chart will make for a more intimate experience...but is not totally necessary. The 12 archetypes live within all of our psyches, and the practices are focused on embodiment, women have attended my workshops previously without knowing their full birth chart and still benefited immensely.

    Get in touch if you really are unable to find out your exact time+we can discuss options, you can also try asking the hospital of your birth, or prompting your parents with questions like, was the sun coming up? Did you eat breakfast in hospital? What was the last meal you had before labour?

    How do I find my chart?

    Go to and put your birth details into the system – time, date, place, and save to your desktop for easy reference.

    What if I don't have any planets in my chart for that month/archetype?

    It is still a lovely chance to connect with that part of your psyche. Take this pisces season for example, I have no planets there, but has been one of my biggest learnings this astro year! It is nice to utilise the energy in the part of your chart to focus that part of your life/new moon manifesting/magic.

    i'm not sure which month to join for? Help!

    if you are feeling called to join, do it now regardless if it is your birthday month or you have many planets in the sign. We all have each of the 12 archetypes within us. Warning though, once you pop, you can't stop!

    Do I need to know anything about astrology?

    No! Astrology can be very technical and lingo heavy, the astrology I practice is inclusive, and practical as it is my goal to get the entire world connecting to their chart.

    What If I want to be a practicing astrologer?

    Great! Use this collective as a way to practice reading charts. After 20 years of being an astrologer, I am still learning!

    I've attended some of your workshops IRL how is this different? Will you still be doing those?

    At this stage, all my moon circles will be online for herstory_collective, but may do special gatherings. Sign up for my very irregular newsletter to stay informed of these.

    The heroine's journey thru the zodiac is based on the set of 12 workshops I did throughout Sydney and Byron Bay last year, and are of the same flavour with some added online bonuses. This is a journey that I personally practice all year, in the same vein as following the seasons, attuning to the natural cycles. There is also a book in the works!

    Can men join?

    At this stage the online collective is for women only, but plans are in the works for men's work. Get in touch if you are a man, know a man who would be interested.

    Are there any live meetings?

    Yes 2 x a month (full and new moon circle) which you receive zoom link at time of purchase. They will be recorded and sent if you are unable to attend.

    Is there access to community?

    Yes. There is a private Facebook group: Herstory_collective:Heroine's journey thru the zodiac. it is best if you search for it and request to join. use it to chat all things astro+practice reading charts. i am a big advocate for being seen in our desires/vulnerabilities, so the more you share , the more chance the universe will co-create with you.

    I am available mon-wed 930-230 and sat. 9-4 (AEST) and instagram 24/7 ha for urgent inquiries or you can save them for the live call.

    This work is deep! i need more 1:1 support, what can i do?

    Please book in for a private session with me. i love taking fellow heroines even deeper on their pilgrimage+offer a 20% discount. Find out more about sessions here.


    All images from pinterest unless otherwise stated.