In my private session with you, I use an eclectic and intuitive mix of naturopathy, astrology, astro-botany, archetypal counselling, jungian dreamwork, ritual, bodywork and story-telling to support you to be the empowered, fulfilled woman you were born to be. I believe that joyful, passionate women create joyful, passionate children, which creates beautiful communities, which means a healthy and sustainable earth. 

Astrology is a road map that indicates the active archetypes at play in your soul's journey. In which area of your life does Lilith, the wounded feminine live? What is stopping you from expressing your priestess or your wild woman? Where are you at in your heroine's journey?

As Rumi said, "the wound is where the light enters you." I lived in my own shadow for a long time and was unhappy and completely out of alignment with my purpose.  I learnt (the hard way, of course) that by surrendering into the darkness, that there is an invaluable portal to yummy, infinite, empowering light, and oneness. True transformation. This darkness is almost impossible to face on your own, and I believe that transcendence and lighting up of the soul only unfolds when being held by a supportive witness. Let me support you in uncovering the story that is keeping you hostage in your shadow. 

Since the ancients, astrology has been used for healing, and according to Nicholas Culpeper (1616-1654) we must, "let your medicine be something of the nature of your sign ascending." As the planets and signs rule different organs and plants, it is a valuable tool in determining the correct herbs and nutrients for your constitution, and the  organs which may be weak.  

I am especially gifted with fertility support and have had much success in the last 15+ years assisting clients through healthy pre-conception care, pregnancies and regulating menstrual cycles utilising the moon charting technique, as well as postpartum integration. I love supporting women to connect with their inner womb wisdom and ancient mysteries of our collective herstory. I'm also passionate about  connecting young women with these energies.

My clients are women who are willing to do the work and face uncomfortable or unacknowledged parts of themselves, and have a desire to be fiercely, unapologetically female and may:

feel an unshakable sense that something isn’t right or feel β€˜down’ without knowing why

feel lost since becoming a mother 

having trouble expressing her unique creativity

have done a lot of personal work but still feel a little stuck

want someone to love and witness her as she faces her shadow 

feel its time to sing up true transformation and ACT but don’t know where to begin

desire clarity on an existing issue

have a deep longing for a deeper connection with herself

need healing around her mother wound

have a chronic women's health issue such as endometriosis OR need support with fertility

feel like everything is awesome in her life and want to capatalise on upcoming planetary transits to create even more abundance

Sessions are held in my clinic in Byron Bay or via Skype, you can find prices and book in here.


I'm a passionate speaker with an authentic voice and have given talks on the moon cycle, medical astrology, sacred feminine astrology and all topics related to the divine feminine and the mother wound. E: i also run workshops on creative writing called WILD VOICES and monthly moon gatherings which can be seen on my upcoming events page. You can join the Heroine’s Journey Thru the Zodiac HERE.