gathering of the grandmothers / new moon capricorn JAN 17

"They thought they buried us, they didn't know we were seeds"-Mexican proverb

Earthy Capricorn is the crone, wise woman, grandmother. She rules teeth+bones+skin. She is bone woman. She is responsibility, structure+wisdom+business. Women's business.

Once upon a time women were recognised as the voice of the earth. The feminine in all of us feels deeply the destruction that is going on in our communities+world, we hear Her stories of medicine, of the plants+the lands we walk on. By reclaiming this ancient role we can nurture the restoration, both of the earth+our sense of belonging amongst it. By owning our wise woman, we contribute to the revolution of belonging.

Let’ us begin right+ground our intentions for the year on this first new moon of 2018. Through astrology, mythology, storytelling, movement, magic+ritual, we will come together on this container of sacred Nyangbul earth that has been activated by the grandmothers to rise as women firmly grounded+rooted in support of one another.

-pay our respects+connect to the grandmothers of the land we gather on
-sing over our bones+embody our own inner wise woman
-journey to our own grandmother ancestors
-reclaim our sovereign selves in order to co-create with the earth+one another
-make sacred smoking sticks with local gum
-exchange culture +sow seeds for the next 7 generations
-new moon manifestation magic
-explore which part of your chart holds grandmother wisdom
+will be work for the next 3 years + leading up to 2020 when pluto, jupiter+saturn will all be in capricorn.

-close the circle  with group intention+ritual.

 WHEN: capricorn new moon / WED 17th jan. 2018 / 10-4pm

WHERE: Gugamai Sovereign State Women's Camp, Broken Head

EXCHANGE: $175 each or $300 sista discount.

secure your spot by depositing $50 into bSB 732591 acct 629313 +emailing with your birth details if you know them. You'll receive an email with directions+what to bring. Pls bring outstanding balance on the day. YUMMY LUNCH INCLUDED.


Warning!the combo of celestial support+alignment+earth energies with sisterhood is very powerful. Knowing your birth details will enhance the magic but is not totally necessary. 

Unfortunately all tickets must be pre-booked due to the location, please secure your spot as this one will sell out.