Join me+suebee fae for a pilgrimage into your core tune. Come rock your gypsy soul, shake your kundalini, get on your galactic groove as sag. loves to move it, A LOT. She’s happiest when she’s off the beaten track exploring, wandering+shakin’ her magic stardust into action. She don’t mind getting lost. Lost in the beat of her own drum.

Be prepared to discover the mystery within as we align our souls with the support of the cosmos, align our bodies with the archer’s arrow+ shoot our passions+desires straight into 2018. We don't need a map. We need fun. The willingness to travel to destination magic.

This conscious celestial dance journey will burn off all that is stopping you from living+creating your limitless potential+set your next year’s path alight with true freedom+expansion. 

WHEN: sag new moon / Monday 18th dec 2017 / 7-10pm

WHERE: The Women's Shack (formerly Red Tent Yoga) 10/21-23 Tasman Way, Byron Ind. Estate

HOW MUCH: $55 each or $80 bring a sista. Includes dance journey, new moon ritual, yummy liver soup+herbal concoction. RESERVE YOUR SPOT HERE

the house where sagittarius is in your chart will provide magical insight into your specific intentions although is not necessary to participate on the night.