new moon virgo temple


new moon virgo temple


the woman who is virgin, one-in-herself, does what she does-not because of any desire to please, not to be liked, or to be approved, …not because of any desire to gain power over another, to catch his interest or love, but because what she does is true...

~Esther Harding

She felt no interruption between the earth and her body as if the same sap and rhythm ran through both simultaneously; gold, green, watery or fiery when you touched the core. ~ Anais Nin

On this auspicious day, the cosmos want us to reclaim our bodies as the HEAVENLY CONDUITS + SACRED TEMPLE they are+begin a new story with our bodies. The sun+moon will be conjunct as it is a new moon, as well as juno (committment/marriage) mars+venus AND mercury+ we will do ceremony+ritual about directing our pleasure+desires for manifestation.

With this new moon trine Uranus in taurus, we are being pushed+supported to evolve in radical new, unconventional ways for us to make money+express our sensuality.

it is the divine time to re-virginze your sexuality as sacred, as in the original meaning of the word (being owned by nobody or thing) if you are looking to reclaim your body as the sacred temple is it+drop all the old shame stories (both your own+ancestral)than this is the circle for you. if you are looking to commit to your body then this is the initiation for you.

The holy whore that is archetypally represented in virgo season, connects us to the ancient days of the temple, modernising the energy so that we feel empowered, embodied+ in ownership of our bodies.

this is our last chance to marry ourselves before the relating of libra season begins.

WHERE: Byron Bay

WHEN: new moon virgo friday august 30 2019 7-9.30pm.

WHY/WHAT: A night of astrology, mythology+ritual to connect with our inner holiness+sacred sexuality.

this is for women who:

  • experience body shame

  • have lingering sexual trauma they would like to shift

  • have difficulty with orgasm

  • desire a deeper connection to their cervix/body/femininity

  • have recurring money or value issues

  • women who wish to attract a partner

  • women already in partnership

  • post-natal women

  • women at all stages of 'self-love’

LIMITED TO 11 SPOTS. No previous experience of astrology necessary.

i will assist you to tailor new moon intentions to your unique birth chart if you do know your time of birth.

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