new moon Taurus gathering

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new moon Taurus gathering


Before you can hear, much less follow, the voice of your soul, you have to win back your body. You have to go on a pilgrimage beneath the skin. - Meggan Watterson

On this auspicious day, the cosmos want us to SLOW DOWN+begin a new story with pleasure. The sun+moon will be conjunct as it is a new moon+ we will do ceremony+ritual about directing our pleasure+desires for manifestation.

With Uranus the revolutionary also in taurus for the next seven years, we are being pushed+supported to evolve in radical new, unconventional ways for us to make money+express our sensuality. Venus the ruler of this new moon will be conjunct vesta who rules the temple. if you are looking to reclaim your body as the sacred temple is it+drop all the old shame stories (both your own+ancestral)than this is the circle for you.

The sensualist of taurus season is the part of our psyche connected to eros, or the creative, erotic pulse of life that lives in the earth+does not necessarily only refer to sex. You can eat your breakfast with eros, mother your children from eros+wash the dishes from eros. We will explore this on the night.

WHERE: Byron Bay

WHEN: new moon Taurus Sunday May 5th 2019 6-8.30pm.

WHY/WHAT: A night of astrology, mythology+ritual to connect with our inner sensualist.

this is for women who:

  • experience body shame

  • have lingering sexual trauma they would like to shift

  • have difficulty with orgasm

  • desire a deeper connection to their cervix/body/femininity

  • have recurring money or value issues

  • women who wish to attract a partner

  • women already in partnership

  • post-natal women

  • women at all stages of 'self-love’

LIMITED TO 10 SPOTS. No previous experience of astrology necessary.

BONUS WORKSHOP FEE includes dark moon ritual to complete at home the night before + self-pleasure video.

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